How I plan to use ThreeFold to support my local community

I live in a small town in Southwest Turkey. There is a strong community here. Local business owners, artists, musicians, farmers, all types – both Turkish and expats. Amongst us all, and nearly anybody who comes here even if just for a short time, there is a common desire to preserve this place as it gains in popularity, and ensure it grows in the right way. And many of us are looking for ways to connect and share as a community, and to come together to co-create.

We as a community have long talked about and gathered around these things but we haven’t completely formalized our mobilization. We have some physical location “hangouts” and we get together. Digitally, there are some WhatsApp groups but nothing cohesive.

For me obviously one of the things I care about most and spend most of my time on is ThreeFold. And I have been thinking for some time of how to introduce ThreeFold into the community. Recently, the idea came to me quite clearly: build out a local community platform on top of the ThreeFold Grid.

To start, using Discourse, the open-source forum platform we use for ThreeFold, I plan on deploying our own forum where people can create topics, share ideas, and exchange in full value. Later on, I’ll bring on more components. And with ThreeFold Grid 3.0, it’s quite easy for even someone like myself to make happen via the Weblet Playground.

I am thinking of creating a farming cooperative in the community as well. Let’s see what else will come!

Anyway, I’ll continue to update here as I go (it may be a couple of weeks but at least this also holds me accountable to take action!). Hope it inspires some others to get going as well!


Beautiful idea, @gosam! You’re truly leading by example :star2: I’m looking forward to your updates :slight_smile:

Habibi, this is amazing. If you / the group need any assistence with the tech - you know where to find me. :pray:


Oh, I definitely will be coming your way. :laughing: Don’t you worry, brother.