How do save Data (like SQL) on HRU Capacity?

Hello all,

im at learning (by doing) .Net C# an more…

Im building right now a microservice architecture with some services for monitoring and in the future a lot more. A Blazor-Webserver is planned for the UI.

Actually the plan is to save the monitored data on a SQL Server with local diskspace.

now the Question… Im asking myself, how do i save SQL-Data, if i want to use the grid as place to save the data?

  • Is the Disk Capacity of the grid like a real disk to use? or how do i save data on the grid?
  • what happens if the reserved space is running out, is all data lost?

my sketchy plan:

in the future i want to make an “interface” for small business and lonely users that they can easely host something on the grid without thinking about technical stuff or so…

ps.: i have planned to learn all about kubernetes and docker…

Thanks a lot and sorry for dumb questions xD

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Let me try to answer your question.

So if you want to use an SQL server, this is totally possible. The only thing you have to do is to reserve and “volume” and attach it to the container running your SQL server.
A volume is a portion of disk that can be mounted into the filesystem of a container so it get direct access to the real disk of a node.
You have the choice between reserving some SSD (SRU) or HDD (HRU) disks.

The other storage primitives given by 0-OS is 0-DB namespaces. 0-BD is just a key value store though so you cannot use SQL language to talk to it.

Is the question what happens if the storage you reserved is full ? If yes, then the answer is you will just get an error when trying to write to it. Like any full disk would give you. No data is lost, just you are not able to write more data then your reservation allow. At that time, you will probably want to reserve some other volumes to extend your storage capacity.


Thank you for your answer!

To the second point, i asked it bad.

i have meant, what happens if the time window for your reserved space is running out…

for example:
you have payed for 2 months and you forget to pay the next month.

is the data lost if it expires?
is there a grace period in wich you can backup the data.
or would there be a model where you can pay automatically each month or year for the reserved amopunt of capacity

thanks alot!

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At the moment 0-OS treat the reservations expiration strictly. Once the reservation expires the capacity is freed up.

Automatic renewal and notification when expiration are about to expire are defenetly some features that your 3Bot will provide. It is going to assume the role of your own system administrator and take care of making sure you do not forget about it.


Thanks bro! Thats all i wanted to know! :slight_smile: