How do i know if im earning TFT?

Hi again everyone.

Next question is how do i know im actually earning TFT? My system is reported as up but as im getting lots of errors when i press F2 im concerned i may not actually be mining correctly. Is there a way to find out rather than waiting until the 8th of April

Thanks again


If your 3node shows up in the explorer, or the telegram threefold farmer bot, it should be OK. You will receive your rewards when the TFT is minted at the end of the month, and as you said receive it the 8th of April.

What are the errors you get?

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Thanks for the reply. The errors are mentioned in another post below. I think the node isnt connecting to its twin. Context deadline exceeded.

Oh ok. Yes this precise error is being checked by the Threefold team.

For now I think you’re OK. The 3node is up so it should farm.