How can we make the forum more successful?

As we have all seen by now closing down the telegram resulted in a slow down of activity in the community… Are their any plans to get more people on?

Hi brother.

It’s to be expected as the forum is still new, but also we do get some of those “support” types of questions that we saw on Telegram directed to the website chat.

We’ll continue to remind people they can come over to the forum to discuss things related to the project. And as the forum grows in topics and conversations, its value will increase / become more clear / draw in more participants.

Any thoughts on how to bring more people on?

@gosam I think you should push the ambassadors on the chat to start.

Some things in addition:

  • What is the goal for threefold on the forum and what about freeflow and the telegram chat?
  • What are the plans on integrating the forum into the app?
  • Maybe you can create information on the forum and share it via social (one post a day keeps the … away :smile: )
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@wimvdb Good idea re: ambassadors. Done.

Regarding channel roles:

  • ThreeFold Forum is for organized public conversations about the ThreeFold project. Its value, as mentioned, comes as it gets more populated. It’s meant to be a place where people can come and learn and discover and ask questions without getting lost.
  • Telegram Channel is now really just meant for key news and updates.
  • FreeFlow Pages is more of a social network and each space has its own owner and way of functioning. It’s for community. And it’s definitely less formal. More… free flow. :wink: Also, FreeFlow is not just about ThreeFold – people can create spaces about anything they’d like. Whereas the forum will stay focused on the ThreeFold project.

Regarding integrating the forum into the 3Bot Connect app, it’s planned and I believe it should be in the next update.

And, agreed that forum content can fuel social media content. :facepunch: