How anybody can help improve ThreeFold web content

ThreeFold has a lot of content out there, including our website, Library (wiki), and Manual. We do our best to maintain, update, and improve, but obviously we don’t spot everything nor do we have all of the answers or best approaches – we are only human. :wink:

What’s beautiful is that anybody can help to improve ThreeFold websites and wikis, through GitHub.

If you don’t have a GitHub account yet, it’s easy to create one. Then head to one of the above links, click on “Issues” in the top nav and then “New Issue.”

In your issue, use the title field to state the overall suggestion or piece of feedback and use the rest of the space to describe it in more detail. Links and screenshots appreciated!

No need to add assignees, labels, or the other items on the right side of your screen.

So, there you have it. Now you see how anybody can easily offer feedback or suggestions on ThreeFold web content.


Most excellent. I’ve been taking mental notes on some things.


Is there a git for the simulator? Or just comment on the general website?