HostService Nederland - Solution Provider Request

Hereby I’d like to propose HostService Nederland as a Solution Provider to the TF grid.

We are currently developing a way of offering (but not limited by);

  • Nextcloud instances

  • (Web)Hosting packages

…in order to bridge the gap to the main audience, where they can fulfil their payments in FIAT currency. This should give more traction and growth to the project which should be beneficial to all.

As we have given several presentations throughout the country we noticed that speaking about crypto currency (TFT) creates a threshold which many are not comfortable with to cross yet. Also the fact that creating a contract with a blockchain and having 100% responsibility over the purchased solution (without the feeling of being able to contact a third party for support) seems to bring hesitation.

To take this threshold away we are offering HostService to deploy these solutions for them, hopefully bridging this gap in the future when everyone sees there’s no difference in experience between the current centralised internet and the decentralised grid.

The aim is to offer Nextcloud instance towards the end of April 2023, so we can set people in motion during our presentations.

Nextcloud; Initially will create just simple flists per user, but are going to change this into a ‘shared’ instance so a gateway can be selected to safe IP addresses. Nextcloud is Open Source software.

Packages can be purchased in fiat using our website;

Webhosting; Shared webhosting will be offered on a large VM using the Open Source software hestiaCP together with Open Source FOSSbilling as an automated billing system.

Packages can be purchased in fiat using our website.

We want organic growth and local impact. That is why we focus on person-to-person present in events around the country. We will use two large events on April 29th and May 13th to measure interest. After this an online marketing campaign will be tailored accordingly.

To be able to cover costs for campaigning and share among the stakeholders who helped to build these solutions, we kindly ask for the 50% of TFT.

Hoping for your support – Robert


Beautiful project.

I can say that I use and it is working great.

I think it will be easier for the community to vote on the project once you have the Nextcloud instance offering. This is a very good use case for the Threefold Grid.

You have my support and I am very curious to see the Nextcloud instances. Especially if it’s up towards the end of April, I have no doubt it can be accepted as a solution then.

Hi All, @Mik,

Here’s the first offer:
Behind the scenes we’re working on the last bits and pieces, but it’s ready for selling. This coming Saturday is when we will annouce this during a presentation for more then 100 folks, it would be good to somehow have it approved before we start deploying.
How does this proces go from here? How do I make sure deployments starting saturday will fall under the solution provider?

Hi Robert,

Voting for a solution provider within a few days might be too short notice.
But I think you can start with your deployment and redeploy once you get the solution provider ID. (See below)

This way you don’t need to postpone your presentation and sell of products.

This would be easily feasible if you and your team are deploying the workloads with the seed phrase, etc. and having the customers pay their deployments in FIAT.

Otherwise, if you let the customers deploy on their own, they will need to redeploy once you get the solution provider ID. This isn’t impossible. But might be more troublesome.

Let me know if this is clear. @scott should chime in too and have more details or technical perspective.

About the solution provider, we’d need some more information.

What comes to mind now is: is your project going to be open source or closed source? If closed source, it would be good if the team can check the code.

Also, the solution provider can get up to 50% of the utilization fees. There should be a discussion on how much % this solution should receive.

We are in the beginning of the solution provider model and we want to make sure things are done for the best of the solution provider (you!) and the TF ecosystem.

There is no hesitation on the relevance of this solution, it’s just about getting the details right.

Here’s more information on the two types of solution provider so far, that would impact on how we can update the workloads when you obtain the solution provider ID, so you get the due additional rewards:

  • solution provider
    • optional field during deployment
      • put a number (ID) that is issued (which instructs TF chain to distribute the rewards)
        • if solution provider works on customer’s behalf
          • can create the deployment and redeploy with the new info
        • if customers deploy on their own
          • have to ask the users to delete and re-create the deployment

Thanks for your commenst @Mik ! I already added and expanded the above request.

Please let me know if we need to provide more information.

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I think it’s awesome.

From what I gather, it answers the questions needed.