Hosting blockchain services on Threefold

I understand that literally anything can be hosted on TF, but the demographic that will innately be most interested in using our services are other blockchain projects. Specifically, I am referring to nodes and staking. These services require physical hardware to run and it is often done on a 3rd party host. Staking nodes need very high uptime to avoid slashing so many avoid hosting self-hosting these. The upcoming gold certified tier is perfect for this.

So how can TF get in on this? IM GLAD YOU ASKED

Two ways really. TF can deploy their own marketplace to launch nodes on the grid OR a partner can launch this marketplace with TF as the backbone.

How hard is this to do?

It does not need to be built from scratch. The biggest player in this field is, but they are not open source. However, Ankr is open source (edit: I think, not 100% sure). Check out these links.

Just like New Orleans runs on beads, this marketplace needs to be configured to run on TFT.

PRIME opportunity here, but unless you want a blinking LED on a breadboard, I’m not your guy to set this up. If anyone wants to form a team though, I’m all ears. It would be quite the undertaking. The commissions of such an endeavor could be enormous.

PS also see blockdaemon


This would be an incredible multiplier for the usage of the grid and from my understanding TF fits perfectly for this. So glad you bring this up. We should address this asap. I mean this already happens since it’s possible f.e. to run presearch nodes on TF grid but providing resources for a wide spreaded node housing/staking platform would be high level! I’m afraid I wont be any help in developing this but I would be happy to provide access to high-available 3nodes running on powerful servers under DC conditions.

Count me in here. But something like a solana node, or even more intensive a solana RPC node, requires some serious hardware and can’t just be distributed amongst a bunch of servers that suitable for “lighter” workloads.

Maybe different nodes and their different hardware requirement could almost me black box offerings, you just click on one and it spins up on certified, benchmarked hardware that will meet that projects criteria. And ETH node or Cronos node would be less intensive, down to the basic Flux node and the two new micro versions, and then just your basic master node. A third party, cough cough, could provide consulting services or guidance to the clients, while opening it up a bit to several qualified providers as some node require hardware that costs a major chunk. I’ve run many nodes, validators, master nodes, etc and was working on the side in spinning up a solona rpc and a virtualization platform i the same rack at an Equinix data center for NFT botters and the like.

So I love where you head is at, there are just some defiance logistical issue to get through, but I think would be worth it.

Horrible typos above, but I might need to spin up a Geth (ETH) node and an L2 node with it…if I get frisky, I might try it on threefold, despite having the hardware myself…will keep thread updated.

HI @FLnelson. I spoke with Ankr’s founder/CEO ( a long time ago, exactly with the thought you posted here in the forum. We went back and forth for a while, and then he decided that he was too busy on boarding new customers and deploying bare metal servers in colo around the world.

I take your post as an indicator to revisit that discussion. :pray: you!

Also - there is a group of people that are looking to have presearch on the TF Grid, and another group that is looking towards (name escapes me at this point in time…)


Are you thinking about Hydra?


Yes! Thank you for refreshing my mind.

Then this lull in the market should be a perfect time. It’s the perfect time to strike deals.

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A community member has already started on this project, its a proof of concept mostly at the moment, but check it out

At the very least I think it’s a good name.

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Sent in the form about staking ankr to run your own node you can apparently rent out spare capacity on. Wasn’t sure what kind of hardware they would be using, as needs can vary vastly from chain to chain. This is really intriguing to me though, as I run some nodes for myself and am dipping my toe in providing some node services. While also providing threefold capacity. Mixing the two sounds like fun! I can’t see what I am typing as the cookie acceptance won’t go away, no matter how many times I click. So I hope this is readable without a lot of typos.


You have done a stirling job, no typos seen while I was reading. Mixing things up is always good: spread risk, discovering new flavor combination to name a few!

No response yet from the Ankr CEO, will reach out again and see if he responds.