Hardware Suggestions

Hey all,

I was hoping someone might point me in the right direction of what server will work with the current RAM and SSD I currently have. I was going to try to use a HP EC200a Mini Server but the RAM isn’t compatible. Since I can’t return the RAM I’d prefer to use it but I’m just a bit lost on what it will actually work on.

2x 32GB PC4-17000 ECC LRDIMM DDR4 2133MHz
1x Samsung 870 QVO 4TB SSD MZ-77Q4T0 2.5"



I wonder if @scott or @andreaspow can jump in here? Or perhaps someone else from the community? Also, I’m moving this topic to the DIY section. :pray:


Hmm, good question. LRDIMM is typically used in servers, and many rack format systems support it. As I noted on the other thread, the HPE ML110 is one tower style system that supports LRDIMM. You might look into other tower or small form factor servers, or server motherboards you can build a system around.

You might try searching some retailers for “LRDIMM” and filtering for barebones servers or motherboards.

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