Happy New Year 2022 Deep Dive Meetups

Happy New Year Deep Dive Meetups

A lot changed in 2021, and we realise it’s not so easy for everyone to stay up to date, as such we wanted to organise a couple of meetings for anyone who wants to have this deep inside information.

These meetings are intended for anyone who wants to dive in, they will be rather ad hoc and could have quite some detail, a lot of threefold foundation and tech people will be there, we hope that they will be interactive. They are intended to make sure we have agreement on the same information about TFGrid capabilities, tokenomics, roadmap, … Everyone welcome.

Day Description
A Tue 4 TFGrid 3.0, whats new, roadmap, weblets, quick demo.
B Wedn 5 TFGrid & TFT Token Growth Simulator, Farming + Tokenomics 3.0 walk through.
C Thurs 6 LAUNCH PLAN 2022, what is going to happen, how can we all contribute
D Tue 11* TFGrid is becoming a DAO, role of validator nodes, integration with COSMOS.
E Wedn 12 deploy your own decentralized alternative to twitter, whatsapp, youtube, gdocs, slack, zoom, …
F Thurs 13 TECH Session: Architecture, Planetary Network, Weblets, ask me anything …


*Please note that this meetup has been rescheduled for Tuesday Jan 18

Time of 14h CET has been chosen because this time seems to be possible for ± everyone in the world. see this timezone calculator

Please use this forum thread to let us know which sessions you want to join in for and questions you might have. Use the letters A,B, … to talk about specific session.

We also have a dedicated chat for this see this chat invitation link, for sure we will need it during call, go to deep dive channel. The zoom link we will use will be announced on the chat.

Some Guidelines

  • You need to have your video (webcam) on.
  • No anonymity, we like environments where people can get to know each other.
  • Use the chat for questions, …
  • Every question is welcome as long as it comes from a nice place with respect for each other and the project. Everyone behind this project is working super hard to make it happen. Respect and love.

talk soon



Looking forward to attending (A-F). Best, Mike Troughton

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what’s the zoom link for the calls so that I can put them all in my/our calendars?

please use the chat link for invitations, zoom link will be announced there, but prob my personal zoom link.

I look forward and will join all A-F

I will be there for all :pray:

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I would like to attend B, C, D, and E. Thanks in advance


Happy to join the calls. Please share the Zoom link and the replay details as I will not be able to join all calls life (but probably most of them)
Thanks & happy new year


I will join A, B, C. I will be joining late on session C.


This time slot is 5am Pacific Time, which is well before I usually wake up :wink: 8am for the east coasters isn’t bad, but I’m guessing this is also too early for many people throughout the Americas.


please join the chat as mentioned in forum

zoom link for today: https://us02web.zoom.us/my/kristof


There’s always a time zone issue :laughing: but maybe we should do next week’s sessions at 5pm CET. Let’s see. Sessions will be recorded, though!


Hey @gosam, any record of the deep dives? Some community members asked me for that. Cheers

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Hey Florian! :wave:
Good to chat with you on the forum now! :speaking_head: :heart_decoration:
You can find the recording overview here: https://forum.threefold.io/c/collaboration/meetups/71

With gratitude,

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Hey guys. Sorry that was too short on notice for me. Do you have some info you can share about the launch 2022?

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It’s a shame I didn’t hear about that before, I’ll watch the replay of the past sessions and try to be present for the 3 next ones :slight_smile:


Would be great to have you with us @archit3kt for the next 3 sessions this week :smiley: :rocket:

@pascal - great to have you with us on the Forum <3
Here you can watch the recording from the session and the presentation link is here.

Happy and Healthy 2022 to you and thanks for being a part of Threefold :heart_decoration:

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