Handshake partnership = name services

see https://handshake.org/

there is a linked token to it


At first sight it looks like this project really thought about it



  • easy to tap into an existing project, we don’t want 100 different name services
  • existing tech, we can integrate with


  • its a token based system, how created, tokenomics?
  • will it make things more complicated? How will people get their name easily from ThreeFold.


  • how does the mining work? Proof of work, burning energy?
  • how can we in future easily exchange TFT to HNS ?
  • how to integrate best in ThreeFold
  • I don’t understand how to claim a name: https://hsd-dev.org/guides/claims.html
    • what does it cost now to claim my name, its not clear to me.
  • I don’t understand the mechanics, how much HNS do I need to get my own name, something so simple I don’t seem to be able to find, could be me (-:
  • It looks like we can’t choose our own name, or do I see this wrong?

Some more info


Our original plan was to integrate a simple naming service on top of our identity layer of The ThreeFold layer 2 blockchain (the L2 validators), and as such make it super easy for people to reserve their name. All names ending with your personal twin id would be reserved for you and super cost effective), all proceeds of naming service would go to an account of the DAO which can be used to promote the grid with. No-one would make money from the naming service.

Please note we have our own planetary network and as such we can run our own domain name services based on the unique planetary network addresses which are unique per person on the TFGrid.
These domain name services would only be working on the planetary network, which by the way is usable independent of the TFGrid. It would be backwards compatible with the DNS outside.


See https://hsd-dev.org/guides/claims.html how to deal with existing names, not so easy for most people, maybe this is a little difficult?


I just learned how to mine it, its proof of work, this is something personally I do not like, burning world energy resources (electricity), to do a blockchain is not needed any more. Custom hardware needs to be used to make this effective and this leads to burning even more resources, hardware with as only purpose to burn energy. I really do want to like this project and see great thought went in to it. Why did they choose proof of work, is there no better way how to do this?

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Hi Kristof! That’s a nice thread. Name services really have a great potential for blockchain technology.

Your question got me thinking!

I read on the website:


that they have a “reason” why they prefer proof-of-work as of now. In short, they need SPV proofs:

Proof of work[pow] saw its first use in cryptocurrency with the advent
Bitcoin[bitcoin]. Bitcoin’s PoW function is a further iteration of a specific
proof-of-work construction known as Hashcash[hashcash]. The use of
proof-of-work led to the creation of specialized chip hardware intended to
optimize this function. While specialized hardware can ensure that a
proof-of-work network is protected, we concede that it does have the capacity
to enable the existence of hardware monopolies.

However, we submit that this is an acceptable risk due to the benefits
proof-of-work offers in the way of SPV. Our protocol is not usable in practice
without proper SPV proofs.

There is currently no known sufficiently decentralized proof-of-stake system
in production resilient against fraudulent SPV proofs.

The last paragraph is interesting. Is TFChain resilient against fraudulent SPV proofs?

This is just an idea, but they seem to imply they are on the lookout for a potential proof-of-stake system for Handshake. Could there be a potential partnership Handshake-Threefold?

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