Guidance needed on solution Expose - no gateway available (following Hugo website tutorial)

Hi everyone,

I’m following the Hugo tutorial ( on testnet and everything went well so far, but I’m stuck on the solution expose part…

I have set up my farming node in my VM, created a capacity pool and the network to access it, the container works well on local net accessible by wireguard. When I try to add the solution expose, after selecting the exposed ports, I’ve got an error message : “no gateways available in your pools.”

What gateway is it talking about ? I didn’t see any documentation about this !

Any guidance welcome ! :slight_smile: Thank you !

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Hi there, webgateway is one of the core elements of the grid it’s like a portal that let’s you get in and talk to the workloads deployed on the private network. Its code exists here. And to expose something to the outside world, you definitely need to have a pool with a gateway -you run yourself or someone else running it- added to it. on testnet there is a gateway on freefarm you can use.

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Hi Ahmed, thanks for your reply !

As I’m trying to deploy on my capacity pool, I apparently cannot use the gateway from freefarm, it’s not selectable, the error message is pretty clear that my capacity pool does not have gateway (or maybe I’m missing something)

I saw your github link and would like to run my own gateway, but I don’t see how I can deploy it on my testnet farm - any tutorial available for this ?

Another question : I saw on this thread (How do save Data (like SQL) on HRU Capacity?) that it is possible to create a local volume based on SSD or HDD, how can I do that ? Are these volumes also “dispersed store” as described here ( to be sure not to loose data ?

Thanks for your guidance, I’m eager to learn more about threefold technology :slight_smile:

Hi @naturecrypto the idea is you can utilize gateways of any farm, so if you provide the compute / storage nodes on your farm, you can still use gateways from other farms. Just create a pool and add to it the gateway node on freefarm :slight_smile:

For deploying your own gateway I’ll ask @delandtj to provide you with the right links for deployment

I double checked with @azmy for the most accurate answer. dispersed storage is only available via our s3 storage solution.

Hi @ahmedthabet thanks for your replies !

I added a small capacity pool (1 CU & SU) on freefarm and the solution expose workflow showed me the 3 gateways of the freefarm solution.

I tried all three of them and had the same error :

“Failed to reserve reverse proxy workload 504471. Please use the refresh button on the upper right to restart the chatflow”

The alerts tab showed more details : “Failed to decrypt secret: decryption error. For more details:

Do you have any idea what went wrong ?

Also I’d be interested to know how to deploy local volumes, and if it is possible to make them failure redundant (for example configuring the storage layer as RAID 5 ?)

The final idea after my tests is to host my nextcloud server and mail server on threefold

Thanks a lot for your help much appreciated !

@naturecrypto Hi :wave: this error means you’re using an incompatible version, I suggest you update your sdk, the encyption scheme got hardened, and using the old release against testnet won’t be compatible

for the redundancy question, I see it in another thread and will leave the fruitful discussion to continue there