Grid Utilization Plan – Part Two

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As already stated in the first part of our Grid Utilization series, the ThreeFold Foundation’s primary goal is to achieve the sustainable and organic growth of the ThreeFold Grid. By stimulating the development of the ThreeFold Grid in emerging and existing markets with innovative products and partnerships, we’re looking at creating a steady utilization growth and a healthy TFT economy.

Today, most enterprises store their data in centralized structures using a combination of on-premises and cloud-based storages. Within the next two years, almost half of them are expected to spend more than 50% of their IT budgets on data storage alone. The centralized cloud structures currently used are neither scalable nor energy efficient nor cost effective. Our ThreeFold Grid, based on open-source technology, enables an autonomous, secure, and energy-efficient Internet infrastructure that allows for unlimited scalability while remaining affordable.

We’re working with visionary projects that will act as vanguards in spaces such as blockchain, cloud, VR/AR, and IoT, to showcase the scope and reliability of ThreeFold’s technology for any use case where servers are needed. As we’ve already developed the most extensive peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure on the planet, we’re now focusing on bringing it to the market with well established cloud and blockchain household names. While the first part of our series covered our technology releases and use cases that will pioneer the utilization of the ThreeFold Grid, this second part will introduce some of our partnership use cases.

ThreeFold Grid Partnerships


ThreeFold and DigiByte share the same vision of a sustainable decentralized world with values, such as decentralization, inclusiveness, integrity and transparency. In the near future, we will be making a big announcement on our collaboration with DigiByte. Unfortunately, we can’t say much about this one until the news is out. However, we can confirm that several large B2B prospects are already lined up to adopt products on top of the ThreeFold Grid.

Find out more about DigiByte on our partners page:


As you may know, ThreeFold and ODE, the world’s first vertically integrated consumer data ecosystem, recently joined forces to democratize consumer data. We share the mission of creating greater wealth distribution and equal opportunity for all of humanity to partake in this data economy. The partnership of the ODE Consumer Data ecosystem with ThreeFold’s ultra-secure, sovereign, scalable, and decentralized infrastructure platform is a complementary pairing. This partnership will empower a data economy focused on sovereignty, privacy, equality, and sustainability. ODE provides a solution that is secure, scalable, and will operate on Threefold’s cost-effective global infrastructure platform that complements the key attributes of ODE. Together, we’re creating a decentralized data ecosystem which allows enterprises to become trusted partners to their customers.

Find out more about ODE on our partners page:

Cloud Partner

Currently, ThreeFold is in the process of partnering with a major cloud-based file collaboration service with more than 200 millions users. This partnership aims to provide users with the opportunity to launch their own cloud storage solutions on top of ThreeFold Grid. Users of this solution will benefit from a simplified deployment process, quantum safe storage, and a more cost-effective solution. In addition to that, they will be enabled to become more independent from public cloud infrastructure. More details on this partnership will be announced this month.

TAG – Take Action Global

Together, ThreeFold and TAG are bringing a peer-to-peer education use case to the ThreeFold Grid. Building on more than 60 years of classroom experience in empowering students to be curious, ask questions, take action, and make a difference in their communities, TAG has already been working with over 2.7 million students and more than 21.000 teachers across 140 countries. Before the partnership with ThreeFold, TAG struggled with the limitations of centralized technology, such as the affordability of and access to the traditional internet. TAG’s peer-to-peer platform, called Climate Action Project, runs on the ThreeFold Grid, utilizing elements of Digital Twin technology like the video chat solution Meet. In 2021, the platform Climate Action Project that allows students and teachers to connect globally was launched. Powered by ThreeFold’s technology, 300.000 refugees will receive free education. In 2022, the Climate Action Project platform will be extended. The partnership between ThreeFold and TAG that is already getting news coverage will enable people worldwide to connect and learn from peers, including refugees and others living in harsh conditions.

Find out more about TAG on our partners page:

Partners of our Blockchain Hosting Solution

You can read about this solution in our first utilization post. We have several partners lined up here and more to come.


ThreeFold and Artheon have partnered up to bring the VR museum experience to the ThreeFold Grid. With the support of ThreeFold, Artheon strives to create the world’s largest open art database providing borderless access to art and cultural heritage. By being hosted on our Grid, they aim to become the most inclusive and sustainable museum in the world which means that every user using the ThreeFold Grid for Artheon’s virtual reality experiences is using compute, storage, and network resources.

Find out more about Artheon on partners page: or join the Artheon Early Access chat on Telegram.

Software Vendors

Software vendors will use the ThreeFold Grid to deploy their solutions. An R&D department of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of custom software and consulting providers with 45.000+ employees around the world is currently exploring ThreeFold Grid for new potential use cases with their clients.

Of course, this provides only a brief overview of our partnerships, with many more projects in our pipeline. We strongly believe that partnerships are the way forward. Thank you for joining us on our journey to utilize the ThreeFold Grid. Stay tuned for further partnership announcements and updates!

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For those of you who haven’t guessed it already – ownCloud is the cloud partner we were hinting at in this post. Find out how we’re aiming to decentralize the consumer cloud together here: