Grid Tester archit3kt

@archit3kt (same handle on Telegram) has been testing Grid 3 deployments, and also contributed an updated Kubernetes VM image. A quick review shows nearly daily activity in the Grid Tester Telegram group during November and December :muscle:t3:

I proposed a 1000 TFT grant and testing stipend for future efforts. Input from the team was that this was too low, so I am increasing proposed amount to 2000 TFT.

If you’d like to send archit3kt a tip for his work (separate from the grant), his TFT address is


fully support it, thank you so much @archit3kt

Thanks for this proposal ! I’m glad I can help this great project growing fast :slight_smile:


Nice one @archit3kt and well done , thoroughly merits this grant

Dear @archit3kt,

Thank you for your contribution:

Look forward to more collaboration.

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Great to see your unconditional support and help, I sent you a TFT tip to encourage you and others !


Thanks to all of you ! I hope to be able to help Threefold even more :wink:

Here’s an update to the k3s flist :

Depending of the environment variables you can deploy one node or in HA cluster

Terraform files and docker env files are provided for example, you’ll have to customize them for your own needs !

Also, you’ll find a simple bash script to install latest rancher on your brand new k3s cluster for easy management.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


I’ll let the gurus have a look a this and merge it, but great work. Once merged I’ll definitely have a look!