Grid Commercialisation Brainstorm Call

Hi all!

Last week, @kristof sent this message in our main chat:

The community has shown interest, so, let’s all come together to discuss ideas regarding commercial uses of the Grid.

When: Tuesday February 28th, at 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST.
Where: Zoom Call via this link.

We encourage you to watch this part of February’s Community Call beforehand, where Kristof gives a preview of existing ideas around the topic at hand.

Save the date and let us know if you’ll be there!

  • I’ll be there! :slight_smile:
  • I can’t make it! :frowning:

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List of potential subjects:

If anyone has ideas to share, we can gather them here, before the meeting.

Just an idea. Let’s see if this helps in any way the meeting!

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