Grid 3.0 getting started : video’s and farmer portal

Hi all,

Testnet for TFGrid 3.0 is fully available for testing, both for connecting infrastructure and for deploying workloads on it !

A big thank you to Weynand, who created 2 video recordings about the how to set up what you need to start using TFGrid 3.0 . They’re available here:
Get started on TFGrid 3.0 video
Get started deploying workloads using terraform

Please watch it and join TFGrid 3.0 !

But there’s more:

The TFGrid 3.0 portal is available on testnet and is the only tool you need to set up your farm on TFGrid 3.0, with festures which make some of the steps which Weynand described in the video even easier, such as using the Stellar-TFchain bridge for TFTs, creating your twin, creating your account on TFChain etc.

An important concrete step in the journey for a decentralized internet.