possibility 1:

  • Create a weblet that makes it easy to deploy a hydra node on the TFgrid

possibility 2:

  • other possibilities?

Extra information
Hydra is an open-source Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a unique set of economic features. It packs a unique combination of inflationary as well as deflationary mechanics as part of its economy that work in parallel and let the real adoption define its total supply.

Everyone can become a full node in a few clicks and stake HYDRA to help maintain the network. Stakers receive a high economic stream through block rewards, awarded by the blockchain. This ensures the chain is always well-protected against “51% attacks”.

Currently hydra nodes are mostly deployed on AWS and on raspberry Pi.

A docker container was already made:
Here are the files (apologies for not having a repo set up yet) used for the Docker image.
and the simple k8 deployment.yaml


That would be amazing. As of now many stake Hydra on exchange as it’s hard or not profitable enough to set up a node.

Grear idea!


If I have the information, I’d like to help on creating such weblet.


Can you describe what information you need?

Hi Joris,
I was able to find the info I needed:

I don’t know about the ‘svelte’ language, so it will take some time to learn/investigate.

Thanks anyway.


You can also find some more info about weblets here …
contains alot of examples ex. how to deploy a casperlabs instance on the TF grid

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@zurga :point_up: interesting

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Hi all, I see an amazing opportunity of mutual benefit here. There are hundreds of people who run a node on AWS in the hydra ecosystem, providing them with a truly decentralized option helps threefold and hydra to grow - and gets people aways from Amazon. Let’s do it!


@joris - great suggestion. With this Dockerfile I think I can build an flist to do this. What I don’t know is what customizations need to happen after getting the docker image/ container on the grid. I 'll wok on this over the weekend and would like to ask if someone is willing to help[ and configure the Hydra node.

Let’s use the grant to keep this first node up and running on the grid for a year!


Let me know if you need any help @weynandkuijpers

I need help, can you make a day 28 hours instead of 24? That would be great! No kidding aside, I had a busy week with workshops and gala’s (Paradise Hills award gala). Will have a look over the weekend.

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@weynandkuijpers we’re happy to have a look at this, your job jar is full enough!

Hi everyone,

For Ubuntu 20, the info is on the following page:

Maybe we can setup a meeting/workshop and work together on it in order to advance quick.


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I think it would indeed be nice if somebody from the community would/could pick it up …
so good idea to have a small workshop to see next steps, I am in, who else?

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I’m in, someone can set up a Doodle?

@oele, @trout2, @Mik Here is a doodle to try and have a meeting still this week …
Feel free to forward


Meeting will take place thursday 7 april, 17-18h Europe/Brussels (GMT+2:00)
invite will be sent before meeting.
If interested to be invited let me know, or reply on this post


If too few people can join, perhaps we should do it another time, when more people will be able to attend?

I can make it. Is a bot late here but can do.


Hydra on ThreeFold
Thursday, April 7 · 5:00 – 6:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: (BE) +32 2 896 36 06 PIN: 669 069 427 #
More phone numbers: