Google's Equiano lands in South Africa

Saw this article from a couple days ago, and while it’s a great thing to connect Africa, there are some clear issues with simply providing undersea cables to Africa or other unconnected regions.

The cable will bring access, faster speeds, lower costs, and new jobs. Which is obviously great. But it’s not THE answer.

This is why it’s important people understand the difference between Internet connection and Internet capacity, and why ThreeFold focuses on the capacity part. The article even talks about how connectivity is one thing but the next step is bringing data centers. We all know this is not the answer, either. ThreeFold Is the answer!

If data = digital gold and the data itself is staying in the hands of Big Tech companies based out of European countries, it’s pretty clear to see who wins from this approach. BTW, one of ThreeFold’s five strategic goals is to help countries make their Internet GDP positive.

PS We’ve signed a deal with a country in Africa. I wish we could share more, but, soon!