For feedback: Mastodon Engagement Plan

Hi all, we’re already taking a bunch of actions as it relates to all that’s happening around Twitter + Mastodon + Fediverse. I’ve been working on an engagement plan and while it’s not quite complete, I wanted to share for feedback in the spirit of collaboration. Please feel free to add more ideas, we’ll continue to build on this and execute over the weekend and in the near future – particularly as the deployment solution becomes available.


There is huge traction towards Mastodon lately, a lot of people are starting to use the platform. We have an incredible opportunity to attract genuinely like-minded audiences because of this trend of decentralized social media, which aligns with our values – and also kind of hand in hand with Mastodon, offering a solution to the Mastodon users, which will organically grow our community.

What is Mastodon?

  • A decentralized micro-blogging platform, Twitter clone at first glance, but a federated network which operates in a similar way to email
  • Create an account + a server (similar to choosing an email service), then communicate with people in any other server within the fediverse (some servers have blocked other servers)
  • Individual communities are referred to as “instances” or servers – each of which is run by an individual or group of people who set their own rules on signing up, moderation, etc.
  • Yes, you can sign up and move servers later and can follow people on any server (within the fediverse)
  • Your Mastodon account grants access to other decentralized social networks within the Fediverse
  • It’s open source so anybody can download, modify, and install the software on their own server
  • More here

Key Issues with Mastodon

  • You have to rely on someone’s server but how can you trust this server is going to be safe and reliable? You could lose your online presence if the server fails …
  • No general moderation, so no protection against hate speech unless server moderator tackles it, but then it becomes highly subjective
  • Only one kind of identification: email

How ThreeFold solves these issues

  • We allow everyone to create their own server, they are in full control
  • Co-own a server as a community (using smart contract)
    • Even if 1 or 2 people leave the server is still viable
    • Can implement a digital currency (?)
    • Choose moderators within a community
  • Different authentication possibilities – servers with different bases (email, TF Connect)
    • Use a certain server to indicate your trustworthiness and authenticity

What ThreeFold can do / is doing

  • Reach out to the Mastodon team (Sacha has done this officially, but we can do more of it from more angles) …
  • Write an open letter to the Mastodon community (looking for feedback here)
  • Education around Mastodon for our own community ( here)
  • Explain how ThreeFold can support the fediverse (happening here and here specifically), share this with outside communities
  • Create a solution and explain how people can create their own Mastodon servers (in-motion + github, need an update on this) and join Mastodon servers to understand how Mastodon works (Drew has created one here) … benefits of deploying their own instance … education …
  • Community calls around Mastodon (will be mentioned on Thursday, separate call being planned for Monday or Tuesday)
  • Find conversations about Mastodon on Twitter and on the web (e.g. Reddit) and engage from our official account
  • Join existing Mastodon servers and engage organically in conversation – see
  • Maybe this is a good opportunity to create a pledge for people who believe in a decentralized future?

What the community can do / is doing

  • Go to Twitter, find people talking about Mastodon – – and engage in conversation / encourage them to check out ThreeFold / ThreeFold + Mastodon
  • Find people who would like to deploy their own Mastodon instances and encourage them to sign up (here) – prerequisite is that people need to understand the benefits of deploying their own and how to link it to the fediverse
  • Join existing Mastodon servers and engage organically in conversation – see
  • Create their own Mastodon servers (Drew has created one here, need to create or find documentation on how people can do so as well)

What we should communicate

  • If people are worried about Twitter, they should really look at the big picture … Twitter is an example of the problems with the entire centralized Internet and ThreeFold is tackling this …
  • Mastodon has some clear issues (above) which ThreeFold can resolve

How we should communicate

  • Organically, naturally, not forcing ThreeFold without reason to do so
  • Clearly, by showing exactly how ThreeFold can support Mastodon, the Mastodon community

Where we should communicate


  • #MastodOnThreeFold (Twitter and Mastodon)

Example Tweets for the community

To be added …

Good links to share

Mastodon + ThreeFold 101:

Example of Mastodon already running on the ThreeFold Grid:

Feel free to use or create memes:

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