First 3node Webshop Outside Martketplace Opened Today in Europe!

First 3node Webshop Outside Martketplace Opened Today in Europe!

We are delighted to be the first vendor outside of the Threefold marketplace to open their own official webshop for certified 3nodes in Europe!

Link to the new Webshop:

Opening Deals: Free Shipping in Europe

We thank the Threefold team for their trust and applaud them for decentralising their project even more with this step.

This allows us to provide even better and more efficient services and we are celebrating this by offering FREE SHIPPING in Europe.

Certified Rackservers are Also Available

Should more professional farmers be interested in certified rackservers, please use our contact form to contact us for the current options and available stock.

Additionally we are looking for project/real estate developers to help them modernize their project with adding decentralized internet capabilities to their project.

Let’s continue to build! :muscle:

Feedback and Questions

If you have any questions regarding this new webshop, let us know and we will answer quickly.


That is an amazing news!

Thanks for this @RobertL

That’s called walking the walk! Just a few days ago, the TF team said they’d like the marketplace to be more decentralized. And a few days later, here’s a completely decentralized webshop for certified farming!

That is the power of the community.

@kristof Could we have an official link on the marketplace and/or the website leading to this new webshop?

This would officialize the partnership and would provide trust in the whole process for future farmers willing to buy online.



I love how this came to life as well! ThreeFold is all of ours. Impressive effort, @RobertL! Leading by example. We will definitely create paths to the new webshop from website and existing marketplace. Thanks for the suggestion.