February 2023 Q&A Community Call: Recording!

Earlier this week, @scott, @weynandkuijpers, and myself spent some time answering questions from the community. We talked about topics from green farming to the Quantum Safe Filesystem to potential ideas and plans for grid commercialization and ThreeFold DMCC.

The slides can be found here: https://threefold.docsend.com/view/mx3snpp2awwskf22

If you’re looking for answers to specific questions, we’ve timestamped the video to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Towards the end of the session, please find a video message from @kristof previewing a call we’d like to have next week with the community around the following topic:

Please note the content of this call is for information purposes only and is subject to change as the project evolves.


When will that Strategy meeting be held?

Hi! Still to be determined, hopefully somewhere next week, but we will announce it on the forum asap!

Find details here!

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