Farming with a HP proliant

Hi I have a proliant 380 DL 8 gen wich I want to use for farming can anybody help me with the specs |I need?

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Hi, all INTEL and AMD based servers should work. From a server specs perspective: the ratio between logical cores of the CPU (number of hyperthreaded cores) and GB memory ideally is 1:4. The server should at least have 1 SSD and one or more HDDs (the more TB the more TFT). The more storage the server has the more potent the connectivity has to be. We recommend to have from 30 TB storage onwards a fiber connection.

Thank you Andrea I don’t need nic card ?

Hi Jan, to connect your farm to the grid you will need NIC for sure.
If it’s loaded with and all setup (0-OS installed, wallet configured, etc) all you need is:

  1. a power outlet to plug the node into
  2. providing the node with acces to the internet.

From that point on the software components from ThreeFold will do the rest.