Farming rewards too low, as mentioned on current wiki (aug 2021)

Farming reward described on: is too low in relation to TFT/USD price.

The farming reward is pegged to the TFT/USD price, this has not been reflected back on the wiki.

This means in reality your farming reward will be much higher when your node gets registered, compared to what wiki says now.

Starting hopefully end of next week the farming reward will dynamically be adjusted on our wiki in relation to the TFT/USD price using an oracle function. In other words will be easier for people to see & evaluate.

The current farming reward was based on base price of $0.1 or even above, need to check.
Because token is lower now the farming reward is not good enough.

Please also note, the current farming rewards are still v 2.0, and are much higher than 3.0 at current TFT/USD price.

The TFGrid 3.0.0 see roadmap is ± code complete for devnet but there is no minting on devnet yet.

People who choose to boot their nodes for devnet 3.0 will be rewarded for farming 2.x.

A new version of the wiki is being worked on, there should be some more clarifications soon.

Please join us on feedback post for farming, all feedback more than welcome.

have a nice weekend


please note DAO and Better Documentation Farming Rewards
lots of good stuff happened