Farming & Networking with PS4/5?

I have a PS4 that sits around in idle mode, doing nothing most days. Has ThreeFold considered commercializing a downloadable application to PS4 and PS5 console owners so that they can just download and go with existing hardware? This already exists for protein folding:
PlayStation partnered with Folding@Home years ago on the PS3 for example. So I could setup my PS to conduct scientific folding when I wasn’t playing games on it:

Excellent question. @mrrightwilson.

PS4 uses AMD processors, so in this regard it should be possible to farm TFT.

One thing I can say is that you cannot have any other OS than Zero-OS, the OS running the 3nodes, on a Threefold server (3node). There are many reasons for this, one main reason being security.

With this in mind, I am not sure that what you are proposing would be possible, as one would need to wipe the whole disk on PS4, to run only Zero-OS. So it couldn’t be used only when the PS4 isn’t used for gaming. It would need to be a “threefold farming only” PS4.

I’m curious to read what others have to say.

I have 2 ps4 sitting around doing nothing. I will be glad to farm on it.

The ps4 only has 8gb of Ram, there is sunset of older ps4s that someone hacked to run Linux so it’s theoretically possible but this would be an undertaking like adding ARM support and would require an entirely custom version of zos that would only support ps4s. If someone from the community wanted To do this, it would be really cool and the code bases available could provide the information needed for it to be done, but it would be a massive time comittent dedicated to hardware thats really not attractive to run most workloads on.

Remember that 3nodes provide real human facing services so if the hardware isn’t speced enough to even be most peoples daily driver pc it’s going to only be useful to a very small subset of customers

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