Farming Hardware and Reward questions


new to Threefold here, but the project definitely has got my interest. I have been reading through all the information and would like to verify I understand it correctly:

  • Rewards / proof of capacity for CPU’s is based on the amount of cores, but nothing beyond that? So basically an old 16-core CPU would get more rewards than a newer, much faster 8- or 12-core CPU?
  • As for SSD disks basically the same as above: old SATA SSD vs Gen4 NVMe does not matter?
  • Will remote storage work and under which conditions? Let’s say an iSCSI disk connected at server boot (BIOS entry). Does it only work for HHD or also SSD?
  • Public IP: is this an IP for the farm of one IP for each node. Any options voor IPv6 public IP’s since v4 IP’s are scarce / expensive and it seems like a waste if it’s for each node.
  • Automatic staking when utilization is below 30%. Anything we can do as a farmer to control this? When we have the capacity but there is no demand, it’s not the farmers fault, right?

Correct, currently there is no difference in rewards for speed of CPU and type of SSD. I do not believe network drives will show in ZeroOS.

Public IP’s are optional. You can have one or many per node. IPv6 is preferred over IPv4.

You have control over the utilization percent by how we market our servers in the future. This is on the roadmap and not yet built out yet I believe.

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