Farmerbot WoL and Suspend-to-RAM

First of all, excellent work on the development of the farmerbot. I’m glad to see it’s ready for serious community testing on QAnet. I am sure it will make a huge difference for many farmers going forward.

So I was wondering, would it be feasible to enhance the farmerbot with Suspend-to-RAM functionality in a future update? Is Z-OS even technically suitable for this? If yes, system state could be maintained and much faster boot up of nodes could be enabled. Depending on the individual infrastructure and requirements this could come with all sorts of benefits.

For example: When a power outage occurs in regions with unstable power grids or on super green nodes:

  1. The UPS takes over, but it has limited capacity. Maybe it can only power the node for 15 minutes while booted.
  2. Instead of completely shutting down the system, Farmerbot puts the server into Suspend-to-RAM mode. Energy consumption is reduced to a minimum (lets say 10 watts instead of 200). This way the UPS can keep the node in this state for 5 hours.
  3. Once power comes back up the node can boot up very quickly, without having to redownload Z-OS and workloads can continue doing their work much faster.

I understand that this is currently not the primary use-case for the farmerbot, as it is only intended for nodes without any utilization whatsoever. But anyway I think this could be a great addition for a future update. What do you guys think?

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