Farmerbot Update: Keep the Logs!

Hi ThreeFold farmers!

Here’s a new update in the Farmerbot guide. We share it in the forum to make sure everyone can be in the known.

In short, you should keep the Farmerbot logs. Also when you restart the Farmerbot or run a new Farmerbot version, make sure to make a copy of the logs before creating a new log version. This will help to debug the Farmerbot.


Running the Farmerbot

Now to run the the farmerbot, write the following commands:


docker compose up -d

The farmerbot should be up and running within a couple of seconds. A log file will be created inside of the config folder called farmerbot.log. It is very important to keep this file in case the farmerbot encounters errors. Without the log file we cannot debug the farmerbot. If you deleted the log file by mistake you can get it back through docker via the command:

docker compose logs > farmerbot.log

If the farmerbot is already running and you want to run the new version of the farmerbot (or restart the farmerbot), write the commands shown below (for more info, click here). Make sure to copy the log file before doing so!


docker compose rm -f -s -v

mv config/farmerbot.log config/farmerbot.log.archive

docker compose up -d