Farm hosting plan renewal

When I created the farm I payed the farm hosting up until the 21 july, which is tomorrow. How do I pay for the hosting in the future? Is the payment going to be automatic ?

If you mean paying for your 3Bot, this is not necessary once your farm is setup. You can let the 3Bot expire and you’ll continue to farm. It is only necessary to make any changes to your farmer info later on.

ok, nice to know.
Thank you!

Sure thing! I’ll see about clarifying this in our instructions, though I’m happy to report we’re releasing a tool that means farmers won’t need a 3Bot anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

awesome stuff, I feel like 3bot is the thing keeping a lot of ppl away from creating a farm.

We already have a tool for farm setup without needing a 3Bot. Just released, check it out: Setting up a farm with the gofarmer tool