Farm down in dashboard


Is there a know issue with the dashboard displaying farm down, while its still running?
I sometimes see that 1 or both farms are down, but both machines are still running and showing status OK. And are online on the explorer.
When I refresh the page of the dashboard, they are shown back up. While nothing has changed.
Any idea?



Hello @jefke1

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. The URL ideally re-routes to the dashboard ( interface, and I personally ran a test to investigate probable issues, but I’m unable to replicate or identify an issue at hand.

We will continue to monitor the dashboard - However, in the meantime; if you observe a repetitive occurrence, we recommend grabbing a few screenshots which should help us investigate further.


This is what I am talking about.

We are talking about Farm ID 2551 (the other one is down for a short time). It shows down, but it isn’t. I refresh the page and it shows up again. In the explorer you do see it being online.
I am just wondering if this is a glitch or is there something wrong with the connection or device itself.

This has been a problem since V3 came out.

Ha, good to know its just a bug and not my system or setup.
Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for the report. I’ve created an issue for the dev team.