Error initializing wallet in TF Connect app

I tried several times and reinstalled the app but everytime I try I keep getting the msg the wallet failed to initialize. Anyone knows how to resolve this or am I missing a step to get it to work?Screenshot_20211004_104731|237x500

Thank you for getting touch @oebydoeby. Can you please contact us on our live support chat, in the meantime I will start with getting a ticket raised to get it fixed.

For anybody reading the forum. So far no solution. Amanda is doing what she can but each update is basically we are still working on it. Not sure If I am the only one with this issue or if all other nodes are send and working fine.

@oebydoeby have you reached out to us on our live support chats yet?


We have attempted to find a solution several times but we have never encountered this error before.

We are working on a full rework of the initialization to have better logging and less bugs, but this is a project that is still weeks away from deployment.

Some things to attempt that could help.

  1. If you have the stellar secret ( long string starting with S ) or the 24 words that belong to the wallet. You can attempt to create a second 3bot account on another device (or even the same device).

  2. On that second account, import the wallet using the + button.

  3. If that STILL doesn’t work, and you have the stellar secret, you can attempt to use any other stellar wallet like lobstr or others.

  4. If you have no funds on the wallets at all, then likely it can easily be fixed by just deleting the account entirely from the device and creating a new one, but that’s not recommended if there’s TFT on there of course.

where is the + button? shoud that be in the app on the “wallet” tab? there is nothing there. just the initialization failed msg.