Engineering work on fediverse

Dear TF Engineering team,

I would like to try some things out this evening, would it be possible to prepare to allow us to experiment faster and also provide the same knowledge to our community so everyone can build further on it and we can together learn how to do it best using the TFGrid features.

follow the work on:

Everyone welcome to help, contribute, give feedback…



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Hi @kristof

I think that this is a wonderful idea. I have read what is there so far on the github fediverse and will read what is added progressively.

This looks like a wonderful way to learn and grow as a community.


For newcomers on Github, reading the section Issues is good to see where the project is going, how tasks are being distributed, problems solved, etc.


Been Playing with setting up some testing ive got

Mastodon @
Funkwhale @
Peertube @

and web mail serve that supports all of the at

all of these are grid deployments.

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super cool, how can we test the mail?

the mail handles the outgoing emails for mastodon, peertube and funkwhale. you’ll see them coming from unfortunately they likely will end up in your spam folder for now. unfortunately i currently have to configure user accounts individually on the mail server so im just using it to keep from having to pay for a smtp relay.

but ultimately if we want to provide the best end user experience were going to need the deployements to be able to sent outgoing emails. i ran into trouble with port 25 being blocked on my network, so im gonna set up one of these, on farms with open in/out 25, then be able to host the individual services anywhere any have one resilient mail server that serves everything.

peertube, funkwhale and mastodon contact on 537 so they avoid the 25 block while keeping everything on grid.

although if you want a I can of course set you one up lol