End of Year Community Challenge: My "Why" (+ Personal TFT Grant)

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect – on the world, on ourselves, on why we do what we do … I was also touched and inspired by the community call the other day, and in particular @karoline’s words (watch here).

ThreeFold is a project driven by values with a mission to enable a better world for all. It is also a project powered by the collective, by the participation of each of us in the community. Together we build.

Our beautiful world is changing more rapidly than ever before. A global pandemic, rising geo-political conflicts, a crumbling financial system, climate change, and much more … Many people, people like us, have realized that the systems we depend on today do not serve us. While old systems are naturally collapsing, new empowering and decentralized paradigms are emerging.

A choice is being given to all of us to “be” the change we want to see in the world. We, as the ThreeFold community, are building the foundation for the emerging information age. As more and more people become connected to the Internet, and systems are moving digital, it is our collective accepted responsibility as a decentralized project to restore neutrality and sovereignty in our digital space.

Together we are stronger. Together we will rise to enable the world we want to live in.

With that, I’d like to kickstart a simple community challenge: Why do you participate in the ThreeFold movement? What do you believe ThreeFold can enable?

Leave a reply to this post by the end of the year, and in the spirit of the holidays, I’ll give a gift of 200 TFT to 10 of you (from my personal wallet) – although I hope to see more than 10 responses – with the condition that I can share your words publicly in future ThreeFold content and/or you will share what you’ve written publicly on a public platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, a personal blog, or …

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Much love and warm holiday wishes,



Here’s something I wrote earlier in the year: A Personal Story: My ThreeFold Journey / My Why

Despite always having had a full time job, I’ve always had the urge to leave something behind worthwhile in my life. In 2006 I setup a foundation in education with a group of people and 5 years later we had built a 20 classroom primary school complex together with a water tower and solar panels in a remote area in Nigeria. Nothing has been more rewarding to see almost 2000 kids running around on a square that we mutually provided, hoping those kids now have an more fair chance of getting a good education, a good job and give back to their community themselves, when that time comes. In 2013 I handed over the key to my successor.

In the years following the same feeling came back again. Am I going to look back when I’m old saying that my current day job is of any real use to the world?

During my 18 years of travelling all over the world I’d clearly seen the injustice and inequality. By reading a lot I learned that one of the major flaws in the world is this terrible financial system we have. The interest & debt system we have consequently will make richer more rich and poorer more poor. It’s the simple outcome of this design. Having no knowledge about finances and hating any form of administration, that would not be my cup of tea to get into. During my search a stumbled upon many more people in an equal search. Through some Dutch writers I got in touch with several movements of people that decided not to ‘fight’ what is currently being thrown at us, but turn around 180 degrees and realise, that with the current technology and knowledge, we can simple built a society that we do like. Equal for all.

One of those writers, a professor in Strategic Leadership pointed out history, today and the possible future in such a way that a resonated with my feelings. He defined 9 ‘domains’ (immediately mentioning it may not be all necessary domains, but a good start) in which we would could look for alternatives. Food supply, energy, finances, health care….and Digital Infrastructure.

Suddenly I released that with my experience in webhosting and electronics and coming form a family with mostly entrepreneurs, I could contribute! This started to take shape early 2022 and till this day I’m overly excited where we are heading.

Although it does come with occasional frustration; till this day with all the support form TF , after months we still have not even been able to get our nodes in the DC configured correctly. This is stalling us from making demo’s to the huge society that I’m involved now and are eager with work with this new decentralized internet. I hope we do not loose this momentum. But at the same time I definitely understand these are ‘growing pains’ and kinda normal in this (still) early stage.

Everyday I wake up hoping there’s some more exciting stuff to get into, building this further. The product is hugely promising, the support amazing and your peeps energy is pointed in the right direction.

So, I’m holding up the TF flag here, giving live presentations, getting involved in new movements of ‘awake’ people and gave a newspaper interview that will be published early next year. And as long as TF and the community supports me (next to TF Drew and Nelson are awesome!), I’ll take it further for as long as I can.

One day I hope to be able to make a living out of the new decentralised internet business and have a full time feeling I’m joining a movement that makes the world as beautiful as can be.

Keep moving in this direction all…!


I’ve been a supporter of ThreeFold for a few years, especially since my brother joined the organisation three years ago. While I am not a ‘techy’ person myself and took quite a while to understand certain core aspects of the project, I was always inspired by the projects’ vision & values. This is what got me hooked.

Putting the planet first and foremost, having the people at the center of the vision, enabling true sovereignty for all by solving data privacy issues, bridging the digital gap and providing equal access to knowledge to all, were all things I feel deeply about.

How refreshing to see an organisation truly motivated by their mission rather than capitalistic values of profit maximisation that dismiss people as enablers and no more, and consider their environmental impact as externalities.

When I first met them, I could see in the team members’ eyes how passionate they were to create a better world using the ThreeFold technology. This bunch of hippies (people wanting to change the world out of love) that also happen to be geniuses in each of their own field, were really embodying the ‘walk the talk’ principle. And that, I admire greatly.

So, after completing my studies, I was lucky enough to join the team! While I still have a lot to learn in a field which is out of my comfort zone, I have already learnt so much in a matter of few months. I come as I am, full of motivation and eagerness to contribute, and can say I am so proud work with ThreeFold, in an amazing team & community, within a beautiful organisation - while staying true to my own values and principles and contributing to a project I truly believe in. Being able to have a positive impact on this world of ours means a lot to me! I am so grateful to be part of the ThreeFold movement! Together We Build!


Hello, I’m early supporter for many reasons.

1- I ike threefold technology which is unique and powerful.

2- Internet web 2.0 change the world and now a new change will happen on web 3.0 with internet of internet, exactly what Three fold work on it.

3- Decentralized is the key for the future and will replace the centralized data center.

4- Earnings passive income, very good investment.

5- The three fold market cap is very very small , so very huge increase will happen on the future for tft token i except x1000.

6- The tokenemincs is very real and use case for real world.

7- Team is amazing and progress very well.

8- I want to participate for internet revolution and will be part of it ;).

9- I plan to use the grid and it’s better to have more knowledge how to use when we are part of the community.

10- Community is great.

Thanks threefold and i’m sure that this project will be a great success.


Hello all,

I have been following TF for a few years and just recently started using the TF grid to deploy a Presearch node and I am pretty impressed how easy it was to deploy a node compared to other providers I used. Pretty much in a few clicks when you have your account set up, so you guys are doing an amazing job. :slight_smile: I think this is only the beginning and I believe TF grid can be used for so many things and allow anyone anywhere to participate. I mainly belive in the project because it can localize internet for gaming etc., allow internet access in areas where it is not available, security and data ownership, efficiency among many other things. Things that were ideas not too long ago are actually beiing used right now so thats pretty amazing. It makes the internet fun again like it was in the 90’s lol. My 2 cents why I support Threefold.

Cheers and happy holidays :slight_smile:


LOL… hippies; I forgot to ask if i need to grow my hair too, looking at the end of year meeting. It must have been a job requirement


I always wondered if I could do something to improve the world we live in. Looking at many creating different kinds of technological devices and applications just to make life easier or more comfortable has made our life everyone else’s and theirs ours.

Then I joined ThreeFold, and in this year and a half, I am proud to say that I am part of a team and community that is willing to use technology at its fullest but for the better. Getting to know people from all over the world, willing to share experiences and knowledge without having to be behind a mask. This has made me learn so many things technically that I have never had a chance to learn in the last 10 years that I have been working in various IT companies that I could use and build ideas on to help this fantastic project. So thank you ThreeFold for letting me be a part of you, for helping me believe that I could be a part of something that can make the world a better place.


Wow, a bit late to the party here, but I’m feeling super inspired after reading these stories. Thanks all of you for sharing :pray:

I wouldn’t say it’s a strict requirement :wink:

In all seriousness, I’m here because I love the internet and I think that ThreeFold is the best chance we have to scale a better version of it across the whole planet. The benefits for people that can come with that are well stated above. In short, a fairer and more just world with more opportunities for everyone.

Lately, I’m especially interested in the way that the technology we’re building here can enable the manifestation of the “network state”, as part of a next generation in human cooperation and organization. The nation has been an important step in humanity’s development, but we now have the tools to build its successor.

Getting to cocreate cutting edge technology with an incredible community (and yes, a bunch of darn smart hippies) is a true blessing. Thanks everyone for being here and making this happen :heart:


Hello All, Happy New Year! Super inspiring to see and read these stories. My reason for being here and spending a lot of my time on this project is captured well in this (dated) video.

Raising my sons has taught me a lot and made me realize how privileged we as a family). This is a life long learning experience. My wife comes from a former dutch colony (Suriname) and one of my sons is “a person of determination”. He is autistic.

Now how does that relate to “why ThreeFold” you might think: well my family situation has shown me in many different ways that the world is a very diverse place and that what we believe to be the norm by looking around is is not the norm a few 100 km’s away, or culturally what your ancestors had to go through. And in my personal situation if I go back 4 to 5 generations the life that my wife’s and my great-great-great grand parents where in is very different.

Why this personal story? Well because what for me and my family is something of the past is still out there today. Not everybody is born equal and has the same chances to have a good life. I believe a good life opportunity starts with learning skills and acquiring knowledge. The internet has boosted us (US, Europe, and some parts of Asia) to the stratosphere and gave us power, wealth and happiness. This is not true for half the planet today, and this needs to change.

ThreeFold has a very large mission to help to bring that same growth to that other part of the world and that is very close and dear to me due to my personal experience in my private little family circle. This has to happen for that part of the world that has not had the chance to sit on that same spaceship that went to the stratosphere, and therefore I am part of ThreeFold