Dutch Society 4.0 group gathering

Quick update about a group of dutch decentralization enthusiasts. They have been looking at and following ThreeFold for a while and last weekend they decided that they would take time to take it all the way: from bare metal to deploying in VM on it.

They did really well and although I offered to be there in case things were not clear enough, they did manage to get through everything:

  • create a farm on testnet
  • add nodes to the farm on testnet
  • send tokens to the TFChain to allow for deployments on their own testnet nodes
  • deploy full VM on testnet and access it.

When I was a lot younger, we used to call it “HFNP” (Hack, Freak and Nerd Party). Right @aernoud?


Wonderful. That is a clear proof-of-concept showing how the Threefold Grid is accessible and working well.

It’d be nice to have the feedbacks from those TF Nerds. Where there any hurdles? How long did it take?

Great work! Thanks for sharing this epic TF adventure.

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Agree on all of this. Love to see it – and I’m sure there are great learnings to be had here. :pray:

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Feedback from Eric, member of Society 4.0:

"On Saturday November 12th the Society4.0 IT team joined for a bootcamp on decentralized Cloud.
Supported by Robert Jan and Weijnand, the team was able to setup a society4.0 farm on using Threefold Test net.
We were impressed by the flexibility the platform offers and the ability to spin up and run many applications, but also
recognized some improvement opportunities to address scalability such as each of installation and addressing IPV6 support.

The society 4.0 IT team is very enthusiastic about partnering with Threefold as its technology allows to implement a vision
of creating regional decentral cloud networks. We look forward to team up and bring this vision to reality."

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Just came across this topic again. Just FYI this group has already ordered and activated 2 massive HP 88 vcpu nodes and runing nextcloud and peertube on them. Soon a new book will come out where more details and updates will be shared on all society 4.0 subjects, among which of course the Decentralised Cloud. I’m sure this will pick up even more…

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