Downtime status

Good morning all. I have been running a DIY node successfully for the last couple of months. Unfortunately i have just found mine offline. It is now back online and from what i can work out it was down for approx 36 hours. I believe this will put me very close to the 95% for the month.

Therefore may I ask:

  1. Is there a way to see how much downtime month i have had?
  2. When does the count restart?
  3. If i have missed out on this months payment shall i just power it down to save on the electricity costs?

Thank you

  1. not yet
  2. About the start of the new month
  3. Uptime minimum is not enforced right now. You will still get paid. Interesting concept there to game the system (not judging, its important to explore weaknesses). I believe the future reliability score will encourage having as much uptime as possible.

Thank you as always FL nelson. I take from your third answer I will still gain some earnings so definitely worth keeping on.

Thanks again