Downloading Zero-OS image stuck

Hi there, I am running two Threefold nodes on Dell servers. Both were running perfectly for months. Both have a pretty similar setup: 48 CRU / 4655 GB SRU / 931 GB HRU / 378 GB MRU
Today I had to change my router, and reboot all attached devices.

Since then one of the two is always getting stuck at “Downloading Zero-OS” at around 10%. The other one is running perfectly. I am also using the exact same USB drive for both.

Can someone please give me a hint what to do? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @gogo76227

It looks like a connection problem. It might be with the 3node itself, the Grid connection or with the ethernet cable/router (the 3node local connection).

Here are some things you could try to troubleshoot.

  • Sometimes, just rebooting the 3node and/or trying a little bit later can work.

  • Can you try to simply swap the ethernet cable from the two 3nodes and see if the non-functioning 3node can load Zero-OS?

  • Can you try to reboot the modem and the router?

  • Can you check if you could update the BIOS/UEFI of the 3node?

I know that some farmers had this issue where Zero-OS didn’t load completely.

Here’s what @scott said about this in one case:

“It’s possible that there’s an issue with the service that nodes download Zos from. We see occasional issues from time to time that smooth out on their own. If not, we’ll need to wait for ops team to return to work in some hours”

Let us know how it goes!

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Check the bios times on the non functional node


I had similar issue with one Cisco and one Linksys router 2-3monts ago. Both of them were old models that i had just sitting around. Plug&play wont work on some you have to adjust few parameters in settings.

What I did? - I bought a new one some generic brand Tenda i think 15-30eur and in 10min. Everything worked.

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Thanks for the hints. I will have a look into it and report if it’s running afterwards.

I’ve switched the Ethernet cables, checked the bios settings, removed all hard disks and reinserted them, did system diagnostic… and suddenly it was working again! Thanks guys! I love this community with a lot of really nice helpful people.