Donate TFT for the less fortunate

Hey all,

Today I had some calls from peeps who saw my presentations and had some additional questions. These are the type of folks that I believe really resonate with the TF standards. They just want to make a better world and will do anything to contribute. Including buying nodes. Even though they are still full of questions.

Once explained a couple of business owners said; well; great you get tokens. But we don’t really care about those things making money. Can’t we donate those tokens somewhere so that less fortunate in this world can be donated a node form time to time?

I thought that was an awesome idea and gesture! On our website I may generate a QR code for a seperate wallet or so, where people can easily donate TFT and it should keep score! How does that sound? Anyone having an idea on how to do this technically?


This is a brilliant idea.
What if make bring it to a vote maybe to donate lets say 1% from the monthly farming to go towards this kind of things.
I would personally donate a percentage of my farming rewards.


Also cool. But i was thinking they’d occasionally or periodically wanted to donate ‘all’. As Hostservice I’d be happy to offer this to our customers and use it yo ‘donate’ one of our own nodes… Just brainstorming here …

It’s a great idea indeed! The simplest route I see is for someone to set up a Stellar wallet to receive tokens to be donated. Then any farmer wanting to donate their entire farming reward could just use this wallet as their payout address.

That would only work as long as we’re minting on Stellar. With the move to minting on TF Chain, another approach would be needed.

Since everyone will have their own idea about whether to participate and where to donate funds to, I think it’s best to keep any initiative optional.

Maybe having an option in the future in the Threefold app might be cool. Also maybe having some options like the amount and if you want to make it regularly.

Thanks Scott. I just wondered if it’s possible to show the contents of a stellar wallet in a wordpress widget or so… This way donators could keep track on the amount

Yes, there’s actually a very simple way to do it. The explorer has an embeddable widget you could place on any website including WordPress. Just visit the account you’re interested in showing the balance of, look for “Balance History”, select TFT, and finally click the small icon next to the heading to reveal the embed code. In your WordPress page editor (html mode), just paste in the embed code.

I like the idea but I am wondering how do we know these tokens donated have been used to set up a node? Would the plan be to collecting tft until you have enough for a node and then give out reandomly? Just curious…

I don’t think randomly is a good incentive for people to donate. I was thinking of creating a project for instance. Example; many years ago i founded a foundation with some friends promoting education in rural areas. We ended up to build a 20 classroom primary school in Nigeria. It has a water tower as well. Now, how about we bring TF to that school? Imagine what would happen to the value of education in that area? Just spitting thoughts.
Obviously we’ll have to determine what’s needed and how many TFT is needed for various stages.


Gotcha!! Donate for nodes that can be of most use for the people that need Internet. I hope this gains traction and would be exciting to donate some TFT

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