Does it make sense to recreate my node when the price drops?

A question raised in the TG Group, worth answering in the forum :

Could someone from the team give some info about the snapshot of the starting price? I’ve read that you would do something for the early adaptors, but could you give some more info as the price is very volatile/unstable right now (even if I like the trend :-)).
What if I onboard now for e.g. 0.095 $ and later it’s back to 0.07 $? As it makes a huge difference, shall we setup a new node in that case and abandon the other? I don’t believe that this is in the projects intention, or?

The ‘starting price’ mentioned in the question is the TFT price, expressed in USD, used to determine the monthly reward a farmer will get for keeping his capacity connected to the TFGrid v3. The question shows that this price is quite important. The lower the TFT price, the higher the amount of TFTs a farmer gets rewarded for his node.

So if the TFT price dips, does it make sense to disconnect, wipe the disks and reconnect (under a new farmID) the node to the grid ?

The answer is NO, for different reasons :

  • The price is not the market price as you see it on coinmarketcap or on an exchange. It is a price that is fixed for a longer period of time, by the DAO. It is currently fixed at 0.08 USD (today’s price = Jan 25, 2022). The DAO will decide on price evolutions, and new prices will be published in the wiki. So a dip in the price has no impact whatsoever on the ‘starting price’ for connecting new nodes.
  • The tokenomics of TFT is conceived in a way that its price should gradually increase over time, with growth of the grid capacity and growing usage. The video in this post nicely describes how this works. So this fixed token price won’t go down, only up. So no one should feel attracted to disconnect, as reconnecting at a later moment will never be more beneficial.
  • Doing the effort of disconnecting, wiping and reconnecting is also useless, as your node will always be linked to the first time the hardware connected. A TPM will always reveal the ‘identity’ of the hardware, so Zero-OS will be so smart to recognize the hardware, and will make the link with previous boots.This will be enabled in one of next releases.

Very important, thanks for clarifying @Geert! :bulb: :pray:

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Great post! Although shouldn’t it be “if” the price drops, not “when” the price drops? :laughing:


Agreed @gosam :rocket:

Thanks for clarifying @Geert.
Makes sense.

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Great question and answer.

I added this in the FAQ and did a hyperlink to your detailed and clear explanation.


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