DIY Threefold Getting Started

I completed the DIY setup for a Threefold node. I booted from USB and see my node status as up under Farm Management. I also see my node in capacity explorer so I think I am good. So my question is what next? Is there additional config I need to do or does my node run itself and is utilized as needed? Currently my CPU and Mem usage is 1% and I see my 1TB of storage. Also my node expires in a couple days. Am I supposed to send TFT tokens to keep this operational or should I be receiving TFT tokens as payment for the node that would keep this unit online?

Hey there and welcome :wave:

Nice work on getting everything setup! It sounds to me like you are good to go.

There is no additional config needed once you see your node online. It’s available for capacity reservations and will handle everything autonomously.

You’re probably thinking of the expiration on your 3Bot. There’s no need to keep it running once you have your farm id, and you can always restart it later if you do need it for any reason. Your 3Node is a separate entity which will farm tokens for you regardless of whether the 3Bot is active or not.


Great, thanks for the confirmation. I have a few additional questions that I have and probably other newbies will have as well. If there is a place that answers these types of questions please let me know.

  1. Do I need to restart the 3Bot anytime I want to make changes to my environment?
  2. I have some additional computers available. Any issues with running multiple nodes from the same location?
  3. Do I receive tokens if my node remains idle? If so where do I see that?


  1. No, you’d only need to restart the 3Bot to change something like the wallet address where you receive farmed tokens.
  2. The only potential issue with multiple nodes is bandwidth consumption. That almost certainly won’t be an immediate issue, due to low Grid utilization, but it’s something to keep in mind. 100mbps should support a few terabytes of storage just fine.
  3. Yes, farming happens regardless of your node’s utilization. You’ll receive an email with details on how many tokens your node has farmed at the beginning of each month.
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Should I have received any tokens by now? Also how do I verify if my node is still working correctly? I no longer see it under and I can no longer reach it by https://(mynode)

You’ll get a minting email within the next few days with information on how many tokens you’ve farmed. If you’re on minting V3, those tokens will be staked until the node hits certain thresholds.

Your farm and node should always appear on the explorer. The 3Bot is actually a separate thing from your node and doesn’t need to continue running for farming. It’s likely that the 3Bot has stopped after initial reservation expired. You can always restart it from the deployer page if you need to manage your farm later.