DIY 3nodes Living Library

DIY 3nodes Living Library

Hey Farmers!

Here’s a proposition. Now that we’ve shared our farming set ups, and explored many different ways to build 3nodes, we could start to document our learning.

This would be built progressively, as we learn and share. What could be shared? Here are some ideas:

3nodes Builds and Tips

  • DIY 3nodes exhaustive list: We could have an exhaustive list of different 3node DIY configurations, and also state what worked to boot it properly (errors + troubleshoots = solutions).

  • Best of DIY 3nodes: We could also present some best/favorite 3nodes DIY configurations.

  • Problems + Solutions: We can also simply state problems/troubleshoots we’ve encountered and the solutions we’ve found.

  • Pro Tips: We can share pro tips on building a 3node: what we wish we knew when we started, etc.

*If you have a problem with a 3node, you can create a post on the Forum or ask on the TF Farming Telegram Channel. For this thread, we will only keep posts that are about functioning 3nodes, or problem with a solution, as Verified Documentation the community can rely on. *

There aren’t that much computer models out there when you think about it. We can cover a broad range of the market with these categories as guidelines:

Major 3nodes Categories

  1. Mini PC
  2. Desktop
  3. Mini Server (pizza box)
  4. Tower Server
  5. Rack Server

It wouldn’t take much entries here to get a good picture of what we can do as 3nodes on TF Grid v3. Presenting 2-3 popular models for each categories would rapidly constitute a solid 3nodes library to inspire future and actual farmers.

When you state your 3node, you can be concise and bullet points style, or write in paragraphs if it comes to you more naturally.

Here’s a list of things we could share. Feel free to post anything you think could help the TF farmers to build 3nodes more efficiently. The following is a template, you could, if you want, fill in the specifics of your 3node.

DIY 3node Builds and Configurations

  • 3node category: mini pc, desktop, mini server, tower server, rack server
  • 3node model
    • Computer model:
    • CPU:
    • RAM:
    • Disks:
      • SSD
      • HDD
    • Motherboard
  • Booting Setting
    • Legacy BIOS or UEFI

    • Bootstrap Image Choice on

      • EFI IMG / EFI FILE / iPXE / ISO / USB / LKRN
    • Any specificity that helped boot the 3node

  • Hardware Details
    • How the disks are connected
      • PCIE
        • Adapter + NVME SSD
      • SAS
      • SATA
        • Raid 0, Bypass raid, LSI card, or flash raid, etc.
    • PSU, PDU, UPS, Surge protector, etc.
    • Power consumption
    • General Price
    • Where you bought the parts

That’s it. Let’s see if this leads to something fruitful. The goal is not to copy the Shared Farming Setups post, but to the contrary, it could be more like a continuity and synthesis of what we’ve learned there and in general.

Once we gather some level of information, it could be documented in the TF official documentation.

Have a good day, and may your 3nodes farm plenty!


[This post will be updated as we share and confirm information.]

DIY 3nodes Living Library

DIY 3nodes exhaustive list

Best of DIY 3nodes

Problems + Solutions

Pro Tips

Major 3nodes Categories

  1. Mini PC
  2. Desktop
  3. Mini Server (pizza box)
  4. Tower Server
  5. Rack Server

DIY 3node Builds and Configurations


Here’s a pro tip!

Pro tip : CPU

The E5-2650 v2 has better passmark (9990 / 8 cores), less power consumption (95 W vs 115W) and is usually cheaper than the E5-2670 v1 (8884 passmark / 8 cores).

Great to know when it comes to building a Rack and Tower server 3node.


Major 3nodes Categories

The Threefold Telegram community has shared an amazing Tower Server 3node build that farms a lot of tokens and is quiet. It can be ideal for a TF farm in an apartment or the like. Here it is:

4. Tower Server

  • 3node model
    • Computer model: HP Z800
    • CPU: 2x Xeon 5650
    • RAM: 192 GB RAM --> 12x 16GB DDR3 PC3L-8500R
    • Disks:
      • SSD: 3TB SSD --> 1x1TB + 1x2TB
  • Zero-OS Boot: UEFI
  • Power consumption: 122 Watts at idle.
  • TFT Farming per Month: 1582.5 TFT/month

Pros :

  • Future-proof: Can add a decent GPU when it becomes available for TF Farming
  • Quiet(er than rack server)
  • Good farming rewards
  • Easier to store in a house than a rack server


  • PSU can be the weak link
  • Higher power consumption than some other rack server (e.g. the T5810, which is more expensive than the Z800)

Pro Tips:

  • 2x HP Z420 is equivalent to 1x HP Z800
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