Discontinuation Grid v2

The ThreeFold Grid V3 has been live since December 2021. As we explained back then, it is very important that all farmers who are still on Grid v2 migrate their farms to the newest mainnet.

This will make sure that the grid is fully updated to its latest version and that all our development resources can be focused on the new grid instead of maintaining the older version.

This means that starting next month, we will discontinue Grid v2 as well as all platforms that are in support of this Grid and are no longer needed on Grid v3. This includes the v2 Explorer. To consult the status of your farm or nodes, you can visit the Dashboard.

Keep in mind that your nodes will no longer receive minting payouts after this month on V2. Minting will only be supported on V3. You can find more information on how to migrate your farm here.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us on the live chat in the ThreeFold Connect app or on our website www.threefold.io .

Happy farming!

The ThreeFold Team


So 7 days notice of unilateral contract breach? Why spend money on lawyers when wake on lan on v3 is a huge incentive to migrate.

There’s no contract breach here. Please see section 10 of v2 T&Cs, which all farmers have agreed to:

Either party may terminate this Agreement immediately at any time without notice to the other party.

We’ve made many announcements across our public channels asking remaining v2 farmers to migrate, since the Grid 3 launch in January. The majority of farmers have already shown their support for the future of the network by migrating their nodes to v3. It’s time to move on.


Hi there, personally I think the incentive to migrate is clear:

This will make sure that the grid is fully updated to its latest version and that all our development resources can be focused on the new grid instead of maintaining the older version.

And the overall feedback / sentiment from the farming community has been extremely supportive. Please get in touch if you are having issues migrating. :pray:

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It seems there is generally about 3 people in control of most of the active v2 farms from researching. It shows a really disappointing side of humanity that people would refuse to migrate to the newer technology and intentionally hold the project back.

I’m partly in v3 and was planning to move fully there by year end. The ‘carrot’ of wake on LAN would have accelerated that anyway.

That same clause applies to v3 farmers. How long before your investment ROI on v3 is shut down and you’re on the new v4 deal? Until this announcement I didn’t doubt that the $0.08 TFT value for farmers would be held for 5 years.

It’s not even that v2 is being shut down. Like I said, I had a plan to migrate everything in December at which point I’ll have gigabit symmetrical and hopefully some ip addresses. If v2 was shut down ‘by end of 2022’ instead of ‘in 7 days’ I would hardly have blinked. The lack of notice is an unnecessary ‘stick’.

I urge TF to provide a more reasonable amount of notice so migrating the substantial hardware on v2 can be properly scheduled.

I think your missing an objective part of the discussion which is that there isn’t any possible way for grid v2 to be utilized anymore it’s decommissioned technology and has been for a long while. Continuing to pay rewards on grid v2 represents paying people for the sole purpose of paying them.

As far as I know there is no node that could be on v2 that can’t migrate to v3. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The way in see it, continuing to mint on v2 represents a disservice to the entire project as those resources could immediately be used to better v3. For example we might already have wake on lan if more resources were devoted from the pool being used to maintain v2.

It comes down to whether the project should halt progress for a few individuals and that answer is always no because it’s an absolute trap. If you spend resources on the past you will have no future. We all want eachother to succeed and earn, the only way that is a sustainable possibility, is with adoption, and that can only happen on v3. This project is truly at a pivot point and it has to be full steam ahead.


Thanks Parker. I didn’t realize it was IMPOSSIBLE to use v2. I thought it was less likely than v3, but in the same way as finding the winning lottery ticket is only slightly less likely than buying the winner.

I still say that if the urgency is there now, it was there a few months ago and notice should have been given then. V2 could still be shut down at the end of September, but people would have time to manage the migration. When everything is shut down anyway, that’s the time to do any upgrades, physical moves, check setting, even dusting. Whatever can be done so the nodes run uninterrupted for years once on v3. That takes time.

I’m extremely busy in January and February. I had thought of doing this cleanup in December to avoid problems but then figured I should get the migration done at the same time. Now what is at least a full day of work is jammed into my schedule with minimal notice. This is not my day job.

I feel you on this, I’m a paramedic it’s not my day job either, the time is hard to come by.

It’s not impossible, actually, but Drew is correct that there is no utility in v2 nodes. We took down all of the hosted tooling that made v2 accessible in a nice way quite a while back. All of the rentable public IPv4 addresses have migrated to v3. The documentation has all been updated and we haven’t provided any support for v2 deployments for a long time. User experience and features have improved so vastly with v3 that there’s zero reason to try working with v2.

I’m not sure which communication channels you follow, but here are one and two examples from Telegram highlighting the urgency in migration, months ago. We also put a big red banner on the v2 explorer.

Migration is as simple as replacing the boot media and rebooting the node. I understand the sentiment of wanting to do all the maintenance at the same time, but there’s no difference from the Grid’s perspective if you migrate now and wait to do the other chores until whenever it’s convenient for you.


Just to clarify, farmers who can’t migrate by today should still do so as soon as possible in order to receive maximum prorated for the month of October and full rewards moving forward. :pray: