Devnet 3.0 : let's test!

Hi all,

Time to increase the pace on testing for TFGrid 3.0 !
The devnet for TFGrid 3.0 is now stable enough again for testers to jump on.

You can find it on , and it has all the functions linked to it to create the full ThreeFold Grid v3.
We are working on a documentation to explain both connecting new farms and nodes, as well as usage. The links will be shared very soon.

Devnet 3.0 has now 4 farms and 21 nodes up. Please have a look in the new explorer on

Yeah! Looking forward.

Excited to move to grid 3.0 and show the world infinite scalability in terms of 3nodes and operational workloads. This is a major step forward in realising decentralisation and stepping away from the “hub and spoke” model the internet is today. Large hyperscale datacenters are good for certain types of workloads but are certainly not the “be-all and end-all” to everything digital

The future is bright, the future is multifaceted the future includes ThreeFold!

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Our devnet has grown to 40 nodes meanwhilebig and stable enough for our supporters who want to try out our technology without the need for TFTs (as devnet is running on freely available dev-TFTs).

The manual is also getting more and more shape. Please find here the first results of our documentation work:

All remarks are welcome !