Detection on all essentials wrong

Hello TFT community.
I finally managed to put together my DIY system and launched it 20 mins ago.
However I see weird numbers on my screen.

CRU = 0. I use AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G with 12 threads
SSD reserved = 100gb. I have 1tb nvme + 4 tb ssd + 4tb ssd. All wiped with Grml and bios detects them fine.
HDD = 0. I have 8tb disk installed. Sames as with ssd - wiped and detected by bios.
MRU = 8gb. I have 64gb of RAM installed.

Node 4273; Farmer 2497.
What I am doing wrong so things are not properly detected?


Looks all good. Zero-OS takes some resources by default.

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This is your utilization amount, not available resources.


Awesome. Thanks for providing additional answers @Mik and @FLnelson.
Indeed, explorer shows everything correctly.

When can I expect recourses to be utilised bit more?
Oh, and TFT payouts are based on utilised or my provided (current) recourses?

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Rewards are based off of provided resources.

They have really only recently provided a minimum viable product for utilization IMO. I’m starting to use it, as are others. Should be slow at first, but it should get there.

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Gotcha! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
And what if I want to upgrade my system? Should I simply power it down, install update and power it back on and boot from USB?

Yup, that’s all there is to it.

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