Dell poweredge R720XD please help (CLOSED)

please elaborate? how did you get this solved in the end ?

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When getting my server I was told that i would need a monitor for it as it would likely have a VGA output or that I could get an adapter if i had a newer monitor /TV. I found a VGA to HDMI cable that would enable the TV to display what was being output by the server on Amazon.
I set the server up and plugged it in to the TV to confirm it was working correctly before I made any changes to it (it had a copy of windows server all ready installed). This all worked so I thought that I was all set to take it apart and add the new hardware I had purchased, before setting it up as a 3 Node.
Once I had added all the new hardware, I set up the BIOS using one of the really good guides on here. This is when I came across my issue. I would see the server boot up and go through it initial checks after this the screen would flicker. I thought this was due to it not booting into Zero OS but it was actually due to the TV not supporting the output once the system loaded into Zero OS. While talking through the issue with a good friend and after sending him my boot media to confirm it was not the issue. i connected an old monitor to the server and it booted into Zero OS perfectly first time.

So if you are having a this issue it may be your TV or monitor does not support the output when the system boots into Zero OS. Hope this helps someone


Yeah, vga to hdmi cables are not great. Most don’t even work.

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Thanks @willyt for all those details. We will make sure this is in the TF documentation so it can help future farmers.

This post will now be closed as the issue has been resolved. Thanks everyone for your help.
If you have other questions unrelated, we can do another post so it will be easier to search by the Threefold Community.

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