Dedicated TFT Wallet App

Here’s an idea, maybe.
The community I’m actively advertising the threefold grid in is looking for alternatives to setup a better, more equal and honest society. Among these alternatives is a different payment method.
Last night I realised (again) that TFT may just as well be a good alternative. Especially since in my own region the ‘alternative payment’ method hasn’t been touched yet. Which means I can influence it, if we don’t wait too long.
As some of you mentioned; any type of exposure is good. If we could find a way of general public (read: people that have absolutely no knowledge about internet and blockchain technology and find it way too complicated) embracing TFT as a payment method, it could help grow/stabilize the token and increase awareness on the new grid. Once they own TFT, the road to deploying things are shorter too.
Some thoughts on this;

  1. Creating a wallet should become super easy. So I would suggest a much cleaner TFT Wallet App (no farm, if possible etc)with the possibility to easily ‘upgrade’ to the full Threefold Connect App;
  2. It should be available in multiple languages ( I can translate the Dutch version), many don’t speak English well enough;
  3. It should still work even if there’s (temporary) no internet
  4. Multiple easy (local) payment providers should be supported, not only credit cards (still not very common in much of the world) and long tedious bank transfers;
  5. All platforms should be supported, noy only IOS and Android, but Graphene OS, /e/os etc.

Is this an idea?

Hey Robert!

With the completion of TFGrid v3.8.0, our resources have now been allocated towards the development of v3.9.0. and while there are awaited features and component improvements in the pipeline, the ideas projected here can be reviewed at the drawing board for probable future releases.

As always, we look forward to feedback and appreciate input from the community.:pray:t3:

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