Dedicated Node Support

In TFGrid 3.0.0 A5 there will be support for dedicated nodes.

Dedicated nodes are machines (3Nodes) 100% reserved for 1 user, the user will have to pay for all capacity of the 3Node but at 70% discount, this is an amazing opportunity to get cost effective capacity.

All the TFGrid features will keep on working, you can deploy VM’s, containers, caprover, storage, … all on your dedicated nodes and combined with non dedicated nodes.

See also the pricing discussion to see what pricing will be.

In near future we will support GPU support as well, this means in Dedicated nodes the user can use the GPU, can be very interesting for AI or Mining Workloads.

Please do note on testnet, there is additional 50% discount, and make sure you have enough tokens in your wallet this can give you an additional 60% discount.

This was done to implement Dedicated nodes on TFGrid testnet with GPU support (Q2)

we believe this is a huge step forward and allows so much more to run on TFGrid

For pricing info see Pricing for TFGrid


this is great news and will fit great on what we will be looking for in the near future.

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