December 8th 3Node Team Update: Shipping Status & Expanding Our Partner Network

Hi all –

Here’s your weekly 3Node team update! You can find past updates here in the Certified Farming category. This one will be short. :slight_smile:

Shipping & Shipping Outlook

Currently, we are in the midst of delivering a batch of several hundred Titans to North America! You should have an email in your inbox (sent yesterday) if your order is included in that batch.

For others who are waiting either in North America or around the world, we also sent you an email. Essentially, while we and our partners are ready, due to the global hardware shortage we are still searching for a required hardware component. As soon as our partners have the component in hand, they will be able to get your Titan to you. :pray:

If you ordered a Titan and did not get an email from us yesterday, please first check all of your inboxes (e.g. spam folder) and then feel free to reach out to the support team via live chat for clarification.

A reminder that you can find out the status of your order here.

Expanding Our Partner Network

While we already have several fantastic hardware partners, we’re looking for more, in order to better serve the global community. If you know anyone who can supply 3Node hardware, please let us know by emailing

Nothing more to report today. See you again next week or on the Farming Chat.

The 3Node Team