Data Collecting: Farming Bandwidth and Power Testing DAPP

GRANT for: one-click DAPP on TFT Grid to test the power consumption of a farm (3nodes) by using in gradation the full spectrum of storage and compute units available.

This grant would be in two distinct pools.

  1. Fund in TFT for developers that will build the DAPP.

  2. Fund in TFT to run the DAPP on the Grid.

The quantity of TFT granted for each pools can be determined by the DAO/the community.

Pool 1 would be payed when the DAPP is done.

Pool 2 can be increase gradually as people use the DAPP.

Here’s a very concrete example of the whole concept:

I have a 128GB/2TB/16vcores Dell R620 server with a 10 mbps ISP.

I use the DAPP developed thanks to the grant-pool 1, it uses some TFT of the grant-pool 2 and do the tests for free.

It stores the data and publishes it publicly without the user’s sensitive information shared.

What happens in the DAPP: The software test* the server in terms of compute and storage resources at (e.g.) 0% to 100% with 10% steps. (0-10-20…100).

*This test can be short and minimize the TFT needed, then we can project long term costs.

Now the user and the community know how much power is needed in full utilization (to scale electricity cost properly).

The software can also evaluate if 10 mbps ISP was enough for the server in full utilization (for this precise example).

Some general answer of the DAPP to the user could be:

“Your 3nodes farm uses up to 100W electricity. Here’s the details (graph/table with details).

Your farm has a proper bandwidth up to 80% utilization. Look to upgrade the bandwidth before full utilization happens.”

This DAPP has multiple purposes. It helps the farmer to know if their farm size is correct in terms of bandwidth availabilities, and the farmer will be able to scale the electricity side of the farm with solid empirical data.

Also farmers will be able to know the bandwidth needed before investing. This will prevent potential conflicts between proof-of-capacity and proof-of-utilization.

After a while, we can stop using the DAPP directly and simply use the data collected as solid reference.

Also, if this already exists in the open source domain, we can simply adapt it to the Threefold Grid.

What do you think?

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