Danger of undersea cables is it a benefit of threefold?

I Think we all know about the common talking about undersea cables which can easily destroyed from countries like Russia.

I thought about this and how it would affect the threefold grid.

I thought about 2 possible benefits we have these times

  1. are we more save then centralized mainframes? If the grid is worldwide and connects between all undersea cables. following example. im a big Corp. and I rent resources on the grid all over the world. a undersea cable gets destroyed where a big Mainframe is behind, AWS is offline. But im still online cause im everywhere? Im not an expert on this but how you all think about that or what does a TF expert say about this?
  2. If we are a lot saver, we can make advertising in this direction. Or maybe we don’t need because they are coming by themselves :smiley:

greez flow

This is definitely a reality and potential advantage we talk about when proposing the Grid as a self sovereign solution for regions that depend heavily on underseas cables to connect to services hosted elsewhere. With the traditional cloud, you can create some redundancy wherever capacity is available. So far, most of the Grid capacity is in places where data centers also exist. I think the real advantage is still mostly in the potential to bring up a lot more capacity where data centers don’t exist. We’re working on this :slight_smile:

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