Current Threefold Grid version on Mainnet

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Quick question: which version of the grid is currently on mainnet?

The Telegram announcement starts: While Grid v3.9.0 has just been released on mainnet, including the Farmerbot feature & the new Reliable Message Bus, the team is already working on developing Grid v3.10.0!

However, the ( links indicates it’s only at testnet?

Also, if its at 3.9.0 could what are the ( configs for mainnet?


The Farmerbot is available on main net.

The configs should be the same as other networks, but with main instead of test, etc. in the section Deploying the Farmerbot


It’s very probably that the Library is not up to date with newer information.

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Lovely, thank you! much appreciated.

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sorry for the confusion, we happened to missed that information on the release note. it is upgraded to v3.9.0 and we have corrected the release note. apologies for the inconvenience.

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