Creating vm by grid3_client_ts visibility issue

I’m using grid3client_ts client to create new VMs and it is working great but created VMs are not visible on only contracts are visible but not VMs.
Also, the problem happens when I create VMs by grid3_client_ts from one PC and when using another PC with the same config.yaml and credentials VMs created from the first PC are not visible from API executed on the second PC and vice versa. ( I’m using examples from script dir to create VMs dynamic_single_vm.ts and I’m able to ssh in created VM but it is not visible from anywhere else except PC script is executed by visible I mean result of grid3.machines.list() is empty)

It all depends on the backend you’re using, you need to be using the blockchain backend to see it on the (and to be on mainnet ofc)

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I’m on mainnet, I don’t understand the first part of the answer about “blockchain backend”?
When VM is created by grid3client contract is shown:
but on Deployments it says No VMs found on this profile.