Create your own app environment fast and easy with CapRover on the People’s Internet

Leverage the entire CapRover app catalogue even faster and easier on the People’s Internet rather than centralized providers. By deploying CapRover apps on the ThreeFold Grid, you’ll benefit from full decentralization, energy efficiency and affordability.

CapRover is an extremely easy to use app/database deployment and web server manager for your NodeJS, Python, Ruby, MySQL, WordPress and many more applications! It’s a powerful app deployment platform and thanks to our CapRover weblet, you’re able to deploy anything you want on top of the ThreeFold Grid.

Deploying apps this way only takes a few minutes, it’s super easy to expand and add nodes to your cluster. Here are some examples to show what’s possible with ThreeFold’s CapRover weblet:

  • WordPress: About 40% of all websites use WordPress. Using ThreeFold’s CapRover weblet to deploy your WordPress website makes the process quick and easy. Additionally, it allows you to host your website on a fully decentralized Internet infrastructure that is more affordable and efficient.

  • Discourse: Discourse is a 100% open-source discussion platform that can be used as a mailing list, forum, long-form chat room and more. Now, you can move your forum to a fully decentralized infrastructure owned by the people – either using CapRover as shown in the demo or directly with ThreeFold’s weblet for Discourse!

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